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I feel like I just looked up and here we are midway through the NASCAR season...and what a season this has been thus far.

Life has been crazy busy for me with wearing a few different hats this year. I have been traveling the NASCAR circuit with my friends at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery. I absolutely love my Ferguson family and have enjoyed having the opportunity to meet so many great people through my Ferguson events.

I continue to host Race Night on 102.5 The Game in Nashville. I also serve as a NASCAR analyst on several radio stations. Can you imagine me talking NASCAR....?? I can never get enough of this stuff.

I am enjoying my new role as a race Mom and manager, as Robbie's racing is in full swing. Speaking of, you can follow Robbie on twitter @robbieallison28 to keep up with his schedule and whereabouts.

Of course nothing means as much to me as being a Mom and wife so finding balance always remains front and center for me. I do this by the grace of God no doubt.

There is one thing that is for certain, no matter how busy I am, and no matter how fast time goes by, I remain grateful for this sport that I love, and the opportunities that come my way to share in my passion and love for NASCAR racing. I am truly blessed!

As I love to say, remember that life is not meant to be in the fast lane all the time... its important to slow down and take much needed pit stops along the way. Even race cars have to re-fuel, as do we.





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